A multicellular organism

with a

caffeine addiction


thick thighs.


with an edge;


at heart.

About Me


My name is Brynne. Where I lack in size, I make up for in presence, personality, and attitude. Challenge me to a battle of forks, and be prepared to stare in both awe & slight disturbance at my ravenous appetite. 

I have long black hair and dark brown eyes to match, complemented by elegant makeup and full lips. I sport a natural tanned glow, despite my vampiric tendancies.  I also have a deep, sultry voice, making my dry sense of humor even more enjoyable.

Far from conventional, I am also far from the submissive type. My dominance isn't necessary characterized by handcuffs (unless requested), but by my personality & demeanor. My goal is to simultaneously intimidate you & immerse you in your own pleasure. 


I am attracted to open-minded, progressive individuals, with a penchant for intelligent conversation & nihilistic humor. Oh wait, am I talking about me?


Website is under construction as I eat hot Cheetos and get orange dust on an oversized t-shirt.. bear with me.

Currently accepting bookings at a limited capacity.


Please refer to my Calendar for availability.


Please peruse the entirety of my website, especially my FAQ, prior to contacting.

New inquiries must provide appropriate screening information.