If you're looking for inspiration on a potential gift, look no further.

The best gift would be a human head on a silver platter, but I'll also accept some of the following..

About Me


A multicellular organism

(sometimes debatable)

with a caffeine addiction

thick thighs.

Food & Drinks

I am an avid eater of spicy foods - and not for the faint of heart.  I'll tolerate medium spice, but I much prefer being on the verge of tears and capsaicin-induced shock.

Favourites: Indian food, lamb vindaloo, especially; aromatic herbs and spices make me horny.  Caribbean food, oxtail or curry goat, paired that with an excessive amount of plantains.


I am, however, not an avid drinker of liquids (I am most likely dehydrated as you read this).

Favourites: A full flavoured coffee with a splash of cream - iced, if I'm feeling icy - or a tropical smoothie containing pineapples, mangoes, a scoop of vanilla protein, and a splash of figurative serotonin.


Music & Media

I have a diverse taste in music; the only exception being: stadium country music and whatever you'd categorize Taylor Swift as.  My staples include classic teen angst from the 90's, so it's safe to say that my emo phase has aged like fine wine. 

Favourites: Emo (shhhhh), punk, alternative rock, hardcore.  Runner ups include R&B, rap, instrumentals, folk.


To be honest, I've been struggling to read books that are not in textbook form.  I used to be an avid horror / science fiction reader, but my brain now picks apart paragraphs as if I'll need to cite it later.  That being said, I still indulge in poetry and non-fiction.  I would love if you could expand my library.  Think along the likes of: Pablo Neruda, Leonard Cohen, Shinji Moon, Friedrich Nietzsche.


In terms of movies, the only genre I am vehemently against is romantic comedy.  I will either fall asleep before the opening credits end or will plot your demise, should I make it to the first scene.

Favourites: Horror, thrillers, science fiction, documentaries.


My Closet

I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to my fashion.  I wear various different shades of black, accompanied by a pop of burgundy or red, most often.  I generally don't wear a lot of patterns, except for classic camo (it's not very effective at its job, however).  My outfit of choice while I'm 'off the clock' is athletic / leisure wear, when I'm not in the semi-nude, but I do impress myself every time I slap on a dress or a skirt..

Favourites: Sports leggings or shorts with a sports bra in the wild, or a form-fitting dress if I have a heart to break.



My time is limited and I am often working long hours between being an escort, and maintaing my day job and sanity. What I value the most is sleep and quality alone time with myself (and my clingy cat pal) to decompress.  Both my cat and I would greatly appreciate self-care gifts.  Or a blunt to the face.

Elegant with an edge;

an anarchist at heart.