I will only be accepting (1) booking (1 hour minimum) per every (2) weeks. As always, full screening is mandatory and non-negotiable.


Here's the fool-proof method on how to leave a great impression on me, before we even meet, as well as other things to consider for our time together.



Screening is mandatory. I want to trust you with my safety, and you want to trust that I'm not a police officer in disguise (if you couldn't already tell from my radical politics). To put both of our minds at ease, I am more than open to signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement upon request. I will need ALL of the following emailed to brynneottawa@gmail.com:

  • Photo ID with name and picture 
  • Reference from at least (1) provider you've seen in the past 6 months
  • Twitter/review board handle/LinkedIn

If you would prefer not to provide your real world information, I completely understand; however, I kindly ask that you do not waste either of our time in reaching out to me without the required screening information.

All forms of identification will be deleted upon completion of screening process.



Please follow my booking form or email me with all the necessary information. NO graphic communications about services prior to meeting the first time. I am happy to provide general information of my boundaries, however, I cater to those who seek an experience, not a service. Your conduct & our rapport is the greatest determining factor of how our time proceeds!



Be courteous & respectful; ask for consent. Please shower upon arrival to my incall, and leave the envelope in plain sight. Please don't try to orchestrate every facet of our encounter; let our time together flow naturally.  


For encounters exceeding 2h or booked over a week in advance, I require at least 30% deposit to secure our date. I accept e-transfer, paypal, or gift cards. For cancellations with at least 48h notice, the deposit can either be returned or put towards our next date. Otherwise, you are subject to a 25-50% cancellation fee.

Booking & Etiquette

First & Last Name  
E-mail / Phone #  
Preferred Date(s)  
Preferred Time(s)  
How Did You Find Me?  
Screening Info  
Travel Within Last 6 Months  
Intro / Message