The process of writing about myself feels similarly to being waterboarded, so please consider this a work in progress...¬†ūüė鬆


I'm now semi-retired, but I am still accepting the occasional booking with regulars.  If we haven't met before, I still have room to be persuaded if we share similar interests or have an interesting date proposal in mind.


My aim with our time spent together is to curate a playful FWB experience - like catching up with a friend, but naked.  I specialize in casual dinner date rendezvous and your much needed dose of weekend romps. 


While my free time is unfortunately limited, I enjoy relaxing, long walks up precarious terrain (my convoluted way of describing hiking) and fitness.  In spite of that, I also thoroughly enjoy luxurious, short walks to my couch with a blunt in hand.  My current hobbies include photography, practicing music, writing, and complaining about being a reluctant member of capitalism.  I've also developed quite the interest in exploring the esoteric.


I have a sarcastic, dry sense of nihilistic humor and a self-proclaimed aura of a raccoon, albeit with better use of my opposable thumbs, and I'm also hotter.  I'm particularly fond of conversations with progressive, like-minded individuals.

For Your Information..


The best gift would be a human head on a silver platter, but I'll also accept some of the following:

  • Gift Cards:¬†Dining & restaurants, athletic¬†& streetwear brands, Uber, books, electronics,¬†coffee shops,¬†art¬†supplies, Sephora.¬†
  • Books:¬†Poetry, horror, non-fiction, sci-fi, graphic novels.
  • Self Care / Personal:¬†Cannabis &¬†cannabis-infused products, spa day treats, bath bombs, treats for my cat.

Please reach out for my current preference, if you're curious!



Casual date night ideas?  I'd love to be indulged with any of the following:

  • Food Favourites: Indian, Caribbean, Asian, whatever genre of food big, juicy steaks are in.¬† Bonus points for extra spicy dishes!
  • Beverage Favourites: Coffee, bubble tea, sparkling water, tropical pineapple protein smoothies.
  • Movie Favourites:¬†Horror, thrillers, documentaries, sci-fi, dark comedies.



I'm pretty eclectic, so I don't have room to include the infinite subgenres, but you get the general idea:

  • Music:¬†Emo, shoegaze, alt rock,¬†indie,¬†hardcore, punk, metal,¬†lovesick-and-strung-out-on-heroin¬†country, folk, rap/hip-hop, R&B, anything with a gliding¬†808, lo-fi.

Elegant with an edge.

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