The process of writing about myself feels similarly to being waterboarded, so please consider this a work in progress...¬†ūüėé


My aim with our time spent together is to curate a playful FWB experience - like catching up with a friend, but naked.  I specialize in casual dinner date rendezvous and your much needed dose of weekend romps. 


While my free time is unfortunately limited, I enjoy relaxing, long walks up precarious terrain (yes - hiking) and fitness.  In spite of that, I also thoroughly enjoy luxurious, short walks to my couch with a blunt in hand.  My current hobbies include photography, practicing music, writing, and complaining about being a reluctant member of capitalism.


I have a sarcastic, dry sense of nihilistic humor and a self-proclaimed aura of a raccoon, albeit with better use of my opposable thumbs (but I'm hotter).  I'm particularly fond of conversations with progressive like-minded individuals.

For Your Information..

Gift Ideas


The best gift would be a human head on a silver platter, but I'll also accept some of the following...


  • Gift cards: dining / restaurants, athletic¬†& strweetwear brands, Uber, electronics,¬†coffee shops,¬†art¬†supplies, Sephora.¬† Please reach out for my current preference!
  • Books: Poetry, horror, non-fiction, sci-fi.
  • *Self care*: Cannabis / cannabis-infused products, spa day treats, bath bombs.


Date Ideas

Wondering what to put on our agenda?  I'd love to be indulged with any of the following:


  • Food favourites:¬† Indian, Caribbean, Asian, whatever genre of food big, juicy steaks are in.¬† Bonus points for extra spicy dishes!
  • Beverage favourites:¬† Coffee, bubble tea, sparkling water, tropical pineapple protein smoothies (specific, I know).
  • Movie favourites:¬† Horror, thrillers, documentaries, sci-fi, dark comedies.

Elegant with an edge.

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