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"I booked Brynne after another companion sung her praises and made me aware of the secret treasure we had lurking in Ottawa. I'll forever be grateful for that tip-off. Scheduling an initial meeting with Brynne went extremely smoothly. Her website contains comprehensive information about the best ways to get in touch with her, and, following those guidelines, I got a very prompt (and sweet) reply thanking me for inquiring, and answering the preliminary questions I had.

I've seen Brynne again several times since, and communication is always a delight. If you approach with respect and politeness Brynne will return the favour with thorough and precise responses to your queries. When you're lucky enough to meet for the first time you'll have difficulty forming any coherent impression beyond "omg this woman is gorgeous." Brynne is painfully pretty, and some sort of divine (or, more likely, infernal) hand must have helped sculpt her astonishing features. She's quite tiny, but her beautiful, compact body is teeming with strength, and you'll swear you're watching some kind of feline predator stalk you around the room. Once you've recovered and managed to utter a "hello" you'll find yourself speaking to somebody with a warm, confident, welcoming attitude and a wickedly acerbic sense of humour. She's got big aura and projects authority, competence, and skill. Treat her kindly and she'll reward you with the benefits of her sexy expertise and collaborate with you to explore your desires. But don't be surprised if you need to book her a second or third time to confirm to yourself that, yeah, she really is that hot, and, no, it wasn't all just your maniac fever dream."

- KA

"I call it the 3 phases of Brynne... first the awe of her physical beauty where you try not to stare *too* much. Then the pleasure of her inquisitive mind, where you realize you’ve been talking for 15min about something you haven’t thought about in years. Finally the “what the hell did you just do to me” phase as you flash back to Brynne sliding, teasing, looking deep into your eyes as she edges you longer than you thought possible. Be respectful and you’ll have an amazing session!"
- Jim


"Just wanted to say thank you for such a lovely, lovely time! The Memory is and will carry me through my hectic afternoon! That and the thought of not having kids waiting for me after I leave the office. You are perfect ️<3"
- Tahj

"I met Brynne a few months back in Ottawa and honestly the first thing that really made her stand out was the fact that she was such a naturally beautiful person. Her personality was so easy going and she is such a great conversationist that really reflects how smart and educated of a person she is as well. I would definitely recommend seeing Brynne, you'll have to see her to believe it ... Sexy body, sexy eyes, sexy skin and to top it all off a sexy personality. Amazing massage skills that were on point and the time was unrushed whatsoever and now ... I'm going to text her to book an appointment lol!"
- Moezy


"Brynne is the embodiment of everything that’s great about girls in this industry. She’s intelligent, kind, sexy af and knows her body well and how to use it to extract the maximum pleasure from her time with you.  I cannot think of a better way to spend your day than to immerse yourself in the Brynne experience."
- Poolasaurus

"It was extremely wonderful meeting you last Friday.  Everything about our time together was fantastic; I really had a great time.  I hope our paths cross again.  All my best."
- Steve


"Thanks for today. Made my stay in Ottawa a lot better. Hope to see you in Toronto!"

- James


"The appointment process was simple, straight forward, and very pleasant. Right away Brynne will make you feel at ease with her sense of humour and her very unique way to interact with you. Arriving to her place is very easy and convenient. Then when the door open is where the magic begins. She is a stunning young lady extremely attractive. Brynne is very easy to get along with, smile but not giggling, authentic and genuine which are the trait I respect the most in her line of business. The session was amazing as she is very sweet during the time with you. She had her special ways to awaken some part of myself that I thought was dormant forever. Unique and special experience, just like Brynne. I cannot wait to indulge my self in her hands again and again. Thanks Brynne for being so special!!!!"

- Steve